This page is a memorial to the wonderfull life of the cutest little beagle she touched our lives, and my soul....She will never be forgotten, we love you Shelby.


I love you my sweet, my sweet little Shelby,
I'll see you again my cute little Belby,

Right now in my dreams but soon out of this world,
I'm sure you'll be fine for now chasing squirrels,

There will be lots of treats and squiggles to greet,
What a great scene I know that will be,

You know every day I will be thinking of you,
The way that you looked so happy and true,

And I will never forget the way that you lived,
You brought happiness and joy in the things that you did,

I know it came down to that one sad day,
No love nor tears could make you better they say,

So we said goodbye and we parted ways,
But I know in my heart I will see you someday...

12/23/2010 - It has been 3 years my little girl. I still think about you everyday, especially around this time, I certainly hope you are having fun with all the squirrels up there....I miss you very much and I promise I will see you someday, just remember we have not forgotten you.

01/11/2011 - Today a friend of mine lost a very special furry friend "Sampson" I know he is there with you now. Take care of him, and show him the ropes, you have been there a while now. I know it has not been that long since I lasted posted, but these times make me really think of you, and it reminds me of how much I miss you.

09/01/2012 - Shelby, I sent you your brother today 'Bailey' :( Please be sure to send him my love. I know you guys are together now, take care of him for me, you know how much he meant to us. Makes me smile thinking of the both of you playing again....Love you lots sweetie....~Daddy

09/20/2012 - Shelby, I miss and love you...Send Bailey my love....I miss him very much, and you also....Love always.. ~Daddy

12/4/2012 - Hi sweet little girl, This is the time of year I dread without you, I really wish you were here, and also your brother Bailey. It is gonna be really hard this year without the both of you...I wil be thinking of you, as always. Send your brother my love, and give him lots of kisses for me....Love you soo much sweetie. ~Daddy

08/12/2015 - Hi again my sweet little girl, I have been thinking alot about you and your brother Bailey, I sure hope you two are doing well. I wish I could see the two of you again, I know you are both very happy and am sure you have been playing quite a bit. I wanted you to know that we added another two family members to our pack (as I am sure you are probably aware) Luna and Samwise, I wish you were here physically to meet them but I know spirtually you are... I miss you two soo very much, Bailey I wish you could be here with me also you were always my rock someone I could always count on, I really miss you and love you soo much... Love you both... ~Daddy